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Liên hệ với chúng tôi 04 37 2278 44
Số 27, ngõ 189 đường Hoàng Hoa Thám, P.Liễu Giai, Q.Ba Đình, TP.Hà Nội

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Kindy Garden is a high-quality preschool with a curriculum equivalent to a bilingual school, began operations in 2009.
Kindy was founded by the passionate hearts with preschool education profession, wants to bring children a fun environment and friendly learning, safe, and just keep the beauty of traditional education and apply more methods of foreign education.
It is located at No. 27, Lane 189 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
The school has seven spacious and airy classrooms with both front yard and back yard for the children to exercise and play daily.
The school also has a pool and a sandpit.
The curriculum at Kindy Garden include:
1. The Vietnamese education program applying innovative educational program of the Ministry of education and training with the method of “active teaching and learning”
2. The international program called Kindy Kids, 3 sessions / week with many hands-on activities equally divided to eight areas:
• Music and Movements
• Science exploration
• Maths
• Cooking and Making drinks
• Social studies
• Art and Craft
• Kindy English
• Phonics
3. The “Kindy Music program” is to help children to recognize pitches, vocal pitches and rhythms
4. Outdoor and enrichment programs with the goal of “practices of all grades” are made for each leaning topic in the school year.
• Job topic: Visit the school kitchen and pottery village in Bat Trang
• Vegetable topic: Visit farm or flower garden.
• Family topic: Visit classmates’ house
• Animal topic: Vist the zoo

5. Festival program: Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween Day, Christmas Day, Tet Fair, End of year Concert and Kindy’s birthday celebration, children’s Day
6. Daily menu with great varieties including 4 meals:
• Breakfast
• Morning snack
• Lunch
• Afternoon snack.
The school Kitchen is self-operated and closely monitored by Kindy Kitchen team.
7. School fees
• Tuition fee for Toddler class: 2.600.000 vnd / month including international program
• Tuition for Preschool class: 2.400.000d / month / including international program
Meal fee:
• 30,000 vnd/day
With many years experienced in operating local kindergartens and more than 10 years working in the the international education, the school board has the desire to build and develop Kindy Garden on globalization orientation, so that the children have the chance to learn and develop in a safe and friendly environment.
Thank you very much for trusting us.
Yours respectfully,
Management Boad
Kindy Garden Kindergarten.


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